Demo '16

by Pay To Cum

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released September 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Brainstorm Records Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Pay To Cum
You say u wanna talk to me
Well baby come close to me
It's summertime and we're having fun
Baby touch me
Make me come

You say you wanna have fun?
Baby I want some
You're gonna make me weak
I wanna make you peak

I know you're close
I wanna do the most
To get ya feeling right
We both pay to cum tonight
Track Name: Gotta Have It
A touch -I want it
A squeeze-I'd like it
A kiss- I need it
Your body - I gotta have it
It's just that lovin
It's just that bumpin
That keeps me jumpin
Tonight- I gotta have it
It's just the way it feels
When u feel the way I do
The force that drags me closer to you
I gotta have it
The way it feels
Like a dream
Not sure if it's real
U think you want me
I know I want you
We gotta have it
I gotta have you
Track Name: Dream Girl
My dream girl
I'll see you in my sleep
My dream girl
At night is where we meet

I close my eyes and there you are
So close but yet so far

My dream girl
In an imaginary world
My dream girl
Perfect in every way
With every single word you say